Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great idea!

Street trees in tree pits, higher
density residential neighborhood, Manhattan
(Photo: Department of City Planning)

«Street Trees Are No Longer an Optional Accessory

David W. Dunlap
I think that I shall never see a zoning text amendment lovely as a tree. But the new Section 26-41 of the Zoning Resolution, which was approved on Monday by the City Planning Commission, no doubt comes close for fans of a green city. It requires the planting of street trees for new developments, as well as major enlargements and certain conversions of existing buildings. One tree is required for every 25 feet of street frontage.

Amanda M. Burden, the commission chairwoman, said the requirement “will generate an estimated 10,000 street trees a year” toward the goal of one million new trees citywide over the coming decade(...)»in
The New York Times em 25.03.08.


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