Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love it!


The Third Bridge
Fiber optic Sculpture 2007©
Fiber optic cable, plexiglass rods and metal halide illuminators.

«The third bridge is a public space artwork commissioned by the Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) as part of: The Outdoor Gallery: A 40th Anniversary Celebration of Public Art in New York City Parks, organized by New York City's Department of Parks and Recreation.
A new work of contemporary art that plays on the traits of these grandiose and useful monuments is Osman Akan’s “The Third Bridge,” a sculptural installation using unorthodox and volatile materials like light, wind and fiber optic cables. Sited outdoors on a walkway in Brooklyn Bridge Park, itself located on the East River waterfront—virtually beneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges—Akan’s sculpture taps into the natural and man-made aspects of a landscape heavily trafficked by folks immersed in their most reflexive, meditative moments».


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