Friday, July 13, 2007

E nós por cá?

« New bike racks were installed outside an entrance to the Bedford L station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

(Photo: New York City Department of Transportation)

The new bike racks have been installed at the Bedford Avenue L subway station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. As the Dept. of Transportation announces in today's press release, "The facility marks the first time car parking spaces have been removed to accommodate bicycle parking in New York City."

DOT extended a 76-foot section of the sidewalk by five feet and installed nine new bike racks to provide parking for more than 30 bikes. Demand for bicycle parking is high in the area around the Bedford Avenue subway stop and it has been the scene of frequent NYPD bike seizures.» in CITY ROOM(Blogs-Nytimes)- 12.07.07


At 10:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Como sabes existem já algumas pistas para biclas na cidade de lisboa e não só. deixo-te um desafio fz aqui a divulgação das mesmas e apela á sua utilização, pois bom clima não nos falta.



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